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How far 'off the body' should you keep a concealed weapon?

California law makes it a crime to carry a weapon, like a firearm or a stabbing knife, on your person. A 2013 criminal case ruled that this means the weapon cannot be specifically “on the body or in the clothing worn on the body.” The judge who wrote that decision also went on to clarify that this does not include instances in which it is in a “carried or attached container.”

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Felons have tough road to travel in order to vote again

You probably don't think about this much, but someone who is incarcerated loses their right to vote in every state other than Vermont and Maine. The right to vote is one of many things that a felon loses when they are convicted of a crime, but with this specific right, it is notoriously difficult for the individual to regain his or her ability to vote -- and even when they do regain their right, it can be rife with complications.

Material witnesses held without charge for more than 2 years

An incredible story out of Oregon demonstrates that the criminal justice system doesn't always respect your rights or your liberty -- and for this reason, anyone accused of a crime needs to get criminal defense help to ensure that they are protected from this type of unfortunate situation.

What does it mean to be charged with aggravated assault?

When you hear the phrase "aggravated assault," what do you think of? You probably imagine someone who has attacked someone, but who is also really upset while it's happening. Though that may seem comical, that would seem to be the truth if you interpreted it literally. To the contrary, aggravated assault is a charge that depends on the circumstances of the crime in question.

Electronic monitoring, house arrest aren't as great as they sound

Imagine a person who has been accused and convicted of a crime. They pay their debt to society and serve some time in jail, in addition to a bevy of other consequences. Now, as part of their crime and the punishment it entails, they must spend a year or so under house arrest when they are released from prison. During this time, they will be monitored with an ankle bracelet.

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Weapons charges are unique and complicated

Weapons crimes are obviously very serious matters that need to be attended to by the person who is accused of such an offense. But what many people may not realize is that people who are accused of weapons crimes aren't always the brutes you may think they are. Just because someone is accused of a crime involving a weapon doesn't mean the individual was using a weapon, nor does it mean he or she intended to use the weapon.

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Evidence results in dismissal of weapons charge for Young Jeezy

It's understandable that most people might assume that an arrest for an alleged crime automatically means that an individual will have to face charges in court. Some may be surprised to learn that this is simply not the case. Young Jeezy, a popular rapper, was arrested on suspicion of breaking the law, but he ultimately had his weapons charge dismissed.

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Ruined evidence leads to man's release -- two years too late

While the following story didn't occur here in California, it does highlight an important aspect of the criminal process, and how the accused person can be unfairly penalized -- even after his or her name seems to be cleared.

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The genetic elements that may cause a violent crime

Genetic research is so amazing for a variety of reasons. We learn more and more about ourselves -- and what makes humanity what it is -- through this research. Recently, a bit of genetic research shined a light on the criminal defense world. A team of researchers in Sweden announced that two genes are linked with violent behavior.

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The insanity defense, and why it is rare to see

You've probably heard the old saying that a criminal has the ability to make an "insanity plea," or, more correctly, to be found "not guilty by reason of insanity." This is often portrayed as something that is easily attainable, as if anyone could make an insanity plea and they would have a good chance of obtaining it.

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