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Sexual assault suspicions get Ray McDonald kicked off of team

Although the allegations of sexual assault by defensive lineman Ray McDonald are still just that, he has been cut from the the San Francisco 49ers. He has still yet to even be charged with anything related to sexual assault, and the apparent victim appears to be confused about what may have occurred. It is unclear whether California authorities intend to charge him with anything soon.

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Much to consider when it comes to sexual assault

It goes without saying that sexually-based crimes are complex matters that are also terrible incidents. When it comes to sexual assault, many people may not actually know what the crime entails, even though it may seem straightforward. Sexual assault law varies from state to state and the penalties and consequences of such a charge vary in the same way.

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Sex crimes carry many perceptions and penalties

Many people in Roseville, California and all across the country have heard a story about someone who is accused of sexual assault or some sexually-based crimes. You may immediately think that the person being accused is guilty, but that person is still innocent until proven guilty. The gravity of the alleged crime or the terrible circumstances that it allegedly involves doesn't make someone more or less innocent or guilty.

Care center patients accuse worker of sexually abusing them

It's a bedrock principle in this country that people accused of crimes are presumed to be innocent if and until they are proven guilty. While almost everyone would agree with this sentiment, it is perhaps more palatable in theory than it is in practice. In many cases, it is true that the mere association of a person with a crime is enough to tarnish their name or their reputation.

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Sexual assault allegations in nearby Sacramento lead to arrest

Our Roseville readers may have heard about the recent arrest in Sacramento of a 22-year-old man who is considered the prime suspect in a March 25 attack on a female - and possibly three other incidents that occurred over the last six months. The reports indicate that the man allegedly beat and sexually assaulted a female employee at a Subway sandwich shop - the same Subway shop where he was employed.

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Alleged rape leaves two Roseville men in jail with no bail

Any crime involving sex is sure to catch the attention of the media and the public. In many cases, the person who is alleged to have committed the crime will claim that the sexual contact was consensual, placing the issue of consent front and center in the ensuing judicial process. However, sometimes it is not until much later in the case that the issue of consent becomes a crucial factor, and, as reports surface of a rape in the local area, it could be some time before the details on whether or not consent will come into play in that case are released.

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Authorities in Sacramento look for suspect in sexual assaults

Law enforcement authorities in nearby Sacramento have turned their focus to a couple of unsettling incidents that have occurred along Interstate 80 in recent months. A recent report of a sexual assault that allegedly occurred on December 10 closely matched the details of a previous report of a sexual assault that occurred back on September 19. In both instances the female victims alleged that they were dragged down embankments as they were walking along the roadside. It appears that once the perpetrator believed he had secured the victims out of sight of the road he then assaulted them.

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Arrests occur in string of sexual assault cases in nearby Davis

Many of our Roseville readers are probably parents of teenage children and they know that sometimes this particular age group is prone to irrational and unpredictable behavior. We all go through this age of transition, with varying degrees of success. However, some teenage children find themselves dealing with situations that are a bit more serious than many average teens go through, and that appears to be the case with a number of teens associated with a group home in nearby Davis.

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Juvenile faces sexual assault charges in Sacramento

Any type of media report concerning an arrest of an individual on sexual assault charges can rattle a local community, with the spotlight on the crime intensifying when a weapon was involved or perhaps raising some eyebrows when a suspect claims the encounter was consensual. No matter what the context of the allegations may be, the outcomes of sexual assault cases are heavily dependent on the exact details of the case. And those details can make the difference between a lifetime branded as a sex offender or being able to go free.

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West Sacramento police officer faces sexual assault charges

Some high-profile criminal cases have the ability to incite emotions from Roseville residents more than others do. For instance, gun crimes are getting much more attention these days due to the increased national debate about the best approach to gun control. However, sexual assault cases are probably the most high-profile cases the public sees on a day-to-day basis, and one case out of nearby Sacramento has turned a lot of heads.

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