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Accusation of sex crime necessitates defense for the accused

When you hear the phrase "sex crimes," what do you think of? If we had to guess, you are probably picturing a person who is a "monster" -- someone who did a terrible thing and deserves to be punished for the rest of his or her life as a result of the offense he or she committed. And there are certainly people out there who are like that. But there are also many people out there who have been accused and/or convicted of a sex crime that are by no means "monsters."

Rape case falls apart after allegations proven to be untrue

No one will argue that rape is not a serious crime. It's a terrible offense that scars the victim for a long time, if not for the rest of the victim's life. Rape carries a significant stigma with it for the offender, and the individual who is accused or convicted of the crime will face a lifetime of serious consequences -- both in terms of legal punishment, and also personal devastation.

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Tangled web in teacher-student sexual abuse case (Part 2)

Continuing a post from earlier this week, we are looking at the strange story of Jim Cunneely, a former teacher in New Jersey who was abused as a 15-year-old teenager by a female teacher. Then, at age 30, Cunneely entered into a sexual relationship with one of his 15-year-old students. He repeated the very abuse that he had suffered as a younger person, and as a result, his life will never be the same.

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Tangled web in teacher-student sexual abuse case (Part 1)

You may have noticed a vast uptick in the number of stories that involve sexual abuse, a teacher and one of the teacher's students recently. Who knows if this is an indication of a disturbing growing trend, or just a hot-button topic in the news right now where every single one of these stories is being highlighted and heavily reported.

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What it means to be on the sex offender registry in California

In our last post, we talked about some of the non-violent acts that can get someone placed on a sex offender registry. Urinating in public is one such crime that, in California, makes you eligible for the sex offender registry. California is also one of a handful of states that has a rule that leaves sex offenders on such a registry for life. So yes: if you pee in public, you could be branded as a sex offender for the rest of your life. Seems harsh, no?

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Sex offender registry could await you for these 'criminal' acts

Did you know that here in the state of California, it is possible for someone charged with urinating in public to be put on the sex offender registry? There are many other states that also have this law on their books, and it is just one type of sex offender law that seems archaic and unnecessarily punitive. 

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The false rape allegations that took the internet by storm

Last week, we wrote a post about how social media is complicating the area of juvenile crimes. The ease of which young people can go online and post derogatory or inflammatory conflicts -- and then have that online battle spill over into real life in the form of physical violence -- is a major issue, and it is causing senseless crimes that have terrible outcomes. Young people are being hurt and killed because of online banter becoming all too real, and other young people who perpetuate this violence suffer serious and life-altering consequences as a result.

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DNA evidence exonerates man of sex crime 24 years later

As we have written about previously on this blog, sexually-based crimes are very serious matters for everyone involved. Obviously the victim has been violated and this incident will haunt them for some time, but the offender is also in a very serious position too. He or she will face extremely severe punishment if they are found guilty of the crime -- punishment that will essentially last the rest of their lives.

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There are some criminal activities that many people consider to be victimless crimes. Prostitution is one of these activities. However, law enforcement officials will counter that this type of behavior is not victimless at all, and in fact it can be responsible for spreading diseases and, in more recent years, it could also be part of a large-scale human trafficking operation. With this in mind, numerous law enforcement agencies recently took place in a sweeping operation along Highway 101 aimed at curbing prostitution activity in the area.

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Teacher is alleged to have secretly recorded children

Some of our Roseville readers may remember seeing news coverage in October of last year about a former teacher who was arrested at that time on allegations of possessing and producing child pornography. At the time not many details were released about this teacher's alleged illegal activity. A recent report, however, has provided coverage of some details released by the Roseville Police Department.

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