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Cyber-bullying can lead to harsh legal consequences

The rise of the Internet in the past few decades has also led to the expansion of Internet-related crimes. Online activities are no longer as incognito as they once seemed. Anonymous usernames, avatars and password-protected accounts aren’t enough to shield users from the real-world consequences of online crimes.

Debt after criminal fines can cause unfortunate cycle

Imagine this scenario: you are driving to work one day but you are going a little too fast. The police pull you over for speeding and they give you a ticket -- but wait a minute. It turns out you forgot to renew your license. Now the police throw more fines at you and you're required to appear in court, at which point you tell a judge you are unable to pay the exorbitant fines that have suddenly piled up.

New study outlines many negative aspects of juvenile incarceration

A new study has come to a few startling conclusions about juvenile crime and the impact so many arrests and incarcerations of young people affect the graduation rates of these individuals. But that isn't the only thing this study is about. There are a few key takeaways from the study that highlight the failings of not just the juvenile criminal system, but the entire criminal justice system.

Study finds Texas juvenile system to be effective

We've talked a lot about juvenile crime on this blog in the past. A lot of the discussions have centered around the immense consequences that juveniles face, as well as the seemingly-misguided attempt by law enforcement to incarcerate juveniles. Locking up young people seems to be a bad strategy, as it could scar the juvenile for life or turn him or her into a hardened criminal.

World of juvenile crime is drastically changing (for the better)

There was a time not too long ago that people predicted the rise of the super juvenile criminal. There was a general line of thinking that anticipated the coming of many juvenile criminals who would do anything and everything they could to wreak havoc. Of course, that day never came -- but it didn't stop many states, including California, from passing a wave of laws that enhanced penalties for juveniles if they committed crimes.

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Assuming a juvenile crime is minor can lead to problems

Imagine that your son or daughter is in high school, and as a high schooler they are bound to get into a little bit of trouble. They aren't necessarily going to commit serious crimes, but they are going to get into relatively minor infractions and offenses that still count as crimes. This happens from time to time. A prank goes wrong or too far; a rush of blood to the head leads to a misdemeanor; that youthful vigor makes them feel invincible, and they think they can do no wrong.

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Juvenile records an issue for many states

Just like in our last post, we're going to leave the state of California for this story. As we have talked about numerous times, crimes committed by juveniles could come back to haunt them later in life. There are many juveniles who have their records wiped clean once they become adults, but others aren’t so lucky.

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Movie viewing part of punishment for woman caught shoplifting

Imagine that you are sent before a judge after committing a minor crime. You think that what is about to transpire will ruin your life. You're expecting the judge to throw the proverbial book at you, and that your life will never be the same after this. Instead, the judge has a very frank conversation with you about crimes and the nature of criminal activity. The judge wants you to participate in this discussion, so he assigns you a movie to watch.

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Stats show teens are in danger in the interrogation room

Did you know that in 2011, which is the most recent year that data is available for this statistic, there were 1.5 million teenagers that were arrested across the United States? Depending on your view of the world, you may think that's a little or a lot -- but what makes this statistic so staggering is a new report on how teenagers deal with the arrest soon after they are put in handcuffs.

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Even minor juvenile crimes can affect a young person's future

Remember when you were younger? Those teenage years when everything seemed possible and the world was your oyster? During those days, did you ever do something silly -- or possibly even illegal -- that you later regretted? For most people, the answer to that last question is "yes." Teenagers are just bound to get in to some trouble, may that trouble be innocuous and minor, or far more serious.

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