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Task force operation in Sacramento results in multiple arrests

Many may know that law enforcement agencies, in an effort to combat drug abuse in California, often team-up on both the state and federal levels to conduct investigations and execute warrants as part of designated "task forces." These efforts often involve highly visible moves into targeted areas of a city or town, usually in an effort to not only arrest criminal suspects, but to also show residents that police activity is underway - and could be at any time.

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Six people arrested in Roseville on burglary and drug charges

When it comes to criminal activity, most law enforcement officials would probably tell our readers that one thing often leads to another. So, when Roseville police officers arrested several people in connection with an alleged burglary ring, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that the authorities have also claimed that some of the individuals were also allegedly involved in efforts to sell drugs.

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California law enforcement agencies receive cash distributions

Something that our Roseville readers may not know is that when police agencies bust suspects who are alleged to have been involved in efforts to sell drugs, some of those individuals' property can be subject to forfeiture to the authorities. Although it can take some time for the final transfer to occur, given the relatively lengthy nature of the criminal justice process, police agencies nonetheless have quite a bit to gain if the focus is on arresting suspects with a lot of allegedly drug-related property.

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Explosion in nearby Rancho Cordova could lead to drug charges

There can be no denying that drug abuse in America leads to many different and dangerous activities. For starters, drug abusers put themselves at risk, particularly with so-called "hard" drug use, such as using cocaine or methamphetamine. But, for many types of illegal drugs, in order for the drug user to get the drugs the drugs need to be manufactured. This can also be an extremely dangerous activity, as evidenced in a recent incident.

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Police allegedly find meth and heroin while executing warrants

It seems like as state and federal law enforcement officials lessen their focus on one drug, marijuana, they have set their sights on another: methamphetamine, or "meth." There is likely isn't anyone who would argue that meth is not the more dangerous drug, but that fact, combined with meth's rapid spreading across the country, may have the authorities too focused on one particular drug.

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Couple facing charges over alleged meth and firearms transactions

Our Roseville readers may have heard about a case out of Yolo County that is getting quite a bit of news coverage these days. The controversy surrounds a husband and wife team who were allegedly up to all kinds of illegal activity.

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Couple alleged to sell drugs out of Roseville home

Sometimes news reports involving drug charges can be the most shocking to read, simply because individuals who take part in an effort to sell drugs are often alleged to go to extreme lengths to carry out the crime. If a recent report is to be believed, the arrest of several individuals in Roseville matches this description.

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Two men arrested in nearby Yolo County face drug charges

Thousands of arrests on drug charges occur throughout the country each year after someone gets spotted violating a traffic law while driving a vehicle. These types of cases make the news all the time, and they pop up after someone is stopped for speeding, failure to signal a turn or any other of the numerous routine traffic laws that, in actuality, millions of Americans violate every day. But sometimes a traffic stop is just the beginning of what is destined to become a much more serious case.

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Bail bond paid in Roseville marijuana case

When someone is arrested for charges related to efforts to sell drugs, they can usually expect to have a high amount of bail set in their case. For most people, $20,000 is a pretty high amount. But, for a recent arrestee in Roseville, the $20,000 bail bond was paid and he was released shortly after his arrest.

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Public official faces meth charges

When a public figure is arrested on any type of criminal charge, there is the potential for prolonged and negative media coverage. And, unfortunately, in America today that type of news coverage alone is often enough to convict a person in the eyes of the public, despite our nation's longstanding principle of "innocent until proven guilty." For one public figure who was arrested in Roseville back on September 30, this may be exactly the type of situation he will have to deal with for the foreseeable future.

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