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Don't let the justice system run you over after a DUI

Drunk driving seems like such an ubiquitous charge nowadays, and there's a reason for that. Many states, prosecutors, and district attorneys are pushing back against drunk driving, and this has resulted in people who commit this offense to be pursued and punished in very harsh ways. The penalties associated with drunk driving are already harsh enough, even without bolstered laws or overly-exuberant prosecutors.

Someone who is charged with driving under the influence will likely lose their license, and they may face some extensive jail time. They will also be subjected to fines and court fees that can financially cripple the individual. In addition, there will likely be some educational or therapy programs that you have to complete, and an order may be handed down that forces you to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle.

And these are just the legal penalties associated with the crime. There are also other consequences that come with being convicted with a DUI. Your car insurance rates will go way up. You will now have a criminal history, meaning it will be hard to find a job or retain your job. And in a related item, it could make it difficult for you to find a suitable place to live. This is to say nothing of the difficult time you will have getting around without your car and/or license.

All of this leads to one lesson: regardless of the circumstances of your DUI case, you need to get a criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and, at the very least, try to minimize the damage of the charge. At The Law Offices of Jess C. Bedore, we have plenty of experience dealing with drunk driving cases, and we can help those in the Roseville, California area that have been accused of this offense.

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