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DMV suspensions for drunk driving in California

If a driver, during a traffic stop here in California, tests at or above the legal limit for blood alcohol level (0.08 percent for those 21 and over), criminal charges are not the only thing they can be facing. They also will generally face an immediate administrative action from the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

The administrative action in question is a license suspension. How long does a DMV driver license suspension for testing at or over the limit last? It depends on whether it was the driver's first offense. For drivers 21 and older, the suspension length for a first offense is four months. If, however, the driver had a prior offense within the past 10 years, the suspension length rises to one year.  

Now, there are various different legal options for individuals who have been issued a DMV license suspension in relation to drunk driving. For one, they could request a hearing to challenge the suspension. Also, they could request a restricted license that would allow them to travel between home and work during the suspension period.

As this illustrates, individuals accused of drunk driving can experience consequences almost immediately and can, rather soon after being accused, find some significant legal decisions before them, including whether to challenge a DMV license suspension and whether to request a restricted license. Given this, individuals accused of drunk driving here in California may not want to delay when it comes to seeking out skilled legal counsel to help with their defense.

Source: California Department of Motor Vehicles, "Arrest for Driving Under the Influence DUI General Information," Accessed Feb. 26, 2015

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