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February 2015 Archives

DMV suspensions for drunk driving in California

If a driver, during a traffic stop here in California, tests at or above the legal limit for blood alcohol level (0.08 percent for those 21 and over), criminal charges are not the only thing they can be facing. They also will generally face an immediate administrative action from the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Accusation of sex crime necessitates defense for the accused

When you hear the phrase "sex crimes," what do you think of? If we had to guess, you are probably picturing a person who is a "monster" -- someone who did a terrible thing and deserves to be punished for the rest of his or her life as a result of the offense he or she committed. And there are certainly people out there who are like that. But there are also many people out there who have been accused and/or convicted of a sex crime that are by no means "monsters."

New study outlines many negative aspects of juvenile incarceration

A new study has come to a few startling conclusions about juvenile crime and the impact so many arrests and incarcerations of young people affect the graduation rates of these individuals. But that isn't the only thing this study is about. There are a few key takeaways from the study that highlight the failings of not just the juvenile criminal system, but the entire criminal justice system.

Study: using marijuana and driving is not as bad as you think

When we talked about DUIs on this blog, usually they are in reference to drunk driving. While this is the easiest way to think about DUIs, it obscures the fact that there are many people out there who get pulled over and arrested on DUI charges because they have been using drugs. In this regard, smoking marijuana and getting behind the wheel of a car has resulted in many people getting arrested for driving under the influence.

Study finds Texas juvenile system to be effective

We've talked a lot about juvenile crime on this blog in the past. A lot of the discussions have centered around the immense consequences that juveniles face, as well as the seemingly-misguided attempt by law enforcement to incarcerate juveniles. Locking up young people seems to be a bad strategy, as it could scar the juvenile for life or turn him or her into a hardened criminal.

Drunk driving and Super Bowl have unfortunate link

The Super Bowl has come and gone, and in its wake there are plenty of talking points and questions (run the football, right?!). As much as Super Bowl Sunday has to do with football, though, there is another aspect of this day that doesn't necessarily get lost in the shuffle so much as it is something that no one really likes to talk about: drunk driving.

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