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December 2014 Archives

Sexual assault suspicions get Ray McDonald kicked off of team

Although the allegations of sexual assault by defensive lineman Ray McDonald are still just that, he has been cut from the the San Francisco 49ers. He has still yet to even be charged with anything related to sexual assault, and the apparent victim appears to be confused about what may have occurred. It is unclear whether California authorities intend to charge him with anything soon.

Tags: Sexual assault, allegations of sexual assault

Woman accused of DUI may have been on medication, police say

A California woman is behind bars following a fatal wreck outside of a church. The woman was arrested for DUI and also on vehicular manslaughter charges. Before being booked, the driver was first transported to the hospital, where she was treated for injuries that she suffered in the wreck.

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Evidence results in dismissal of weapons charge for Young Jeezy

It's understandable that most people might assume that an arrest for an alleged crime automatically means that an individual will have to face charges in court. Some may be surprised to learn that this is simply not the case. Young Jeezy, a popular rapper, was arrested on suspicion of breaking the law, but he ultimately had his weapons charge dismissed.

Tags: assault

Assuming a juvenile crime is minor can lead to problems

Imagine that your son or daughter is in high school, and as a high schooler they are bound to get into a little bit of trouble. They aren't necessarily going to commit serious crimes, but they are going to get into relatively minor infractions and offenses that still count as crimes. This happens from time to time. A prank goes wrong or too far; a rush of blood to the head leads to a misdemeanor; that youthful vigor makes them feel invincible, and they think they can do no wrong.

Tags: Juvenile Crimes

How the loss of your license impacts you after a DUI

Let's say that you were just pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol. A police officer lawfully performs the stop and arrests you for the crime after an initial breath test shows that you are over the 0.08 blood alcohol limit. Soon after the arrest, you are informed that your license has been suspended as a result of your DUI offense.

Tags: Drunk Driving

Much to consider when it comes to sexual assault

It goes without saying that sexually-based crimes are complex matters that are also terrible incidents. When it comes to sexual assault, many people may not actually know what the crime entails, even though it may seem straightforward. Sexual assault law varies from state to state and the penalties and consequences of such a charge vary in the same way.

Tags: Sexual Assault

Get an attorney in the wake of a DUI charge

Every night, there are people in this world who go to a bar or restaurant and have a little too much to drink. They get in their car and drive home, whether they know that they are over the limit or not. Drunk drivers are a danger on the road, there's no arguing that. But not all drunk drivers are dangerous (or bad) people. They simply made a mistake that they will likely pay for in a number of ways.

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