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Sex crimes carry many perceptions and penalties

Many people in Roseville, California and all across the country have heard a story about someone who is accused of sexual assault or some sexually-based crimes. You may immediately think that the person being accused is guilty, but that person is still innocent until proven guilty. The gravity of the alleged crime or the terrible circumstances that it allegedly involves doesn't make someone more or less innocent or guilty.

We say all of this because people who are accused of sex crimes are immediately behind the 8-ball, even if they truly are innocent. Simply being associated with "sex crimes" makes a person look worse than they did before. People will treat them differently and look at them differently. Their friends may not be as loyal or giving as before, and their professional relationships may deteriorate as a result of the charge, regardless of the outcome of their case.

It's an unfortunate reality, but it's the one we live in. And we say all of this not to heap more misery on people who have been accused of sex crimes, but as a simple reminder that anyone accused of such crimes needs an attorney to help them through their case. You have to try to minimize the damage this charge will do to your life, no matter how the case may appear to the outside world.

Our law firm at Jess C. Bedore has experience handling criminal cases that involve sexually-based crimes, and we have the knowledge to help and support any defendant dealing with these crimes.

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