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August 2014 Archives

The penalties of a DUI are serious, so you must defend yourself

Imagine that you and a few friends agree to go up to a cabin that you rented for the weekend. You guys want to getaway from it all, and it's the perfect weekend for such an occasion. As part of the celebration though, you bring numerous alcoholic beverages -- and during the weekend, you consume some of these beverages and you decide to drive your friends into town near the cabin.

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What it means to be on the sex offender registry in California

In our last post, we talked about some of the non-violent acts that can get someone placed on a sex offender registry. Urinating in public is one such crime that, in California, makes you eligible for the sex offender registry. California is also one of a handful of states that has a rule that leaves sex offenders on such a registry for life. So yes: if you pee in public, you could be branded as a sex offender for the rest of your life. Seems harsh, no?

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Sex offender registry could await you for these 'criminal' acts

Did you know that here in the state of California, it is possible for someone charged with urinating in public to be put on the sex offender registry? There are many other states that also have this law on their books, and it is just one type of sex offender law that seems archaic and unnecessarily punitive. 

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The false rape allegations that took the internet by storm

Last week, we wrote a post about how social media is complicating the area of juvenile crimes. The ease of which young people can go online and post derogatory or inflammatory conflicts -- and then have that online battle spill over into real life in the form of physical violence -- is a major issue, and it is causing senseless crimes that have terrible outcomes. Young people are being hurt and killed because of online banter becoming all too real, and other young people who perpetuate this violence suffer serious and life-altering consequences as a result.

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Social media poses new juvenile crime threat

If there's one thing everyone knows about kids and teenagers, it's that they are bound to make mistakes. They are young and learning about the world, and part of that inexperience and exploration is the fact that they will stumble and fall. Sometimes this can result in minor issues that can be easily resolved -- but sometimes these mistakes can create major issues that change lives forever.

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Uber says their service prevents some drunk driving incidents

Everyone may know that you aren't supposed to abstain from driving after you've had a few alcoholic beverages, but unfortunately there are many people out there who ignore this way of thinking. They go out to their local bar, restaurant or other establishment, and they put themselves over the 0.08 blood alcohol limit. Then they get behind the wheel of a car and drive off. Sometimes, this results in a traffic stop and a terribly unfortunate DUI. The following months and years can be very difficult for the individual in question.

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