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July 2014 Archives

DNA evidence exonerates man of sex crime 24 years later

As we have written about previously on this blog, sexually-based crimes are very serious matters for everyone involved. Obviously the victim has been violated and this incident will haunt them for some time, but the offender is also in a very serious position too. He or she will face extremely severe punishment if they are found guilty of the crime -- punishment that will essentially last the rest of their lives.

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New rules will lessen punishment for federal drug criminals

Did you know that there are about 100,000 people in prison right now for federal drug crimes? It's an astonishing number that is only made worse by the heavy punishments these people face. Federal drug crimes often carry lengthy prison sentences that make it very difficult for an inmate to get a job or turn his or her life around after the sentence is complete.

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Financial consequences of a DUI leave people in tough spot

A new study about drunk driving, car accidents and insurance in the United States paints an ugly picture of California. Four of the Top 10 cities that the study cited for "bad driving" are located in California. The cities are Sacramento, Fresno, San Bernardino and Riverside. Buried in our source article is this very interesting nugget: people who were convicted of a DUI in the city of Knoxville, Tennessee experienced a 50 percent increase in their insurance premiums.

Tags: DUI charge, accident, conviction, penalties

New bill would make critical changes to juvenile crime laws

One of the great barriers to living a decent life in this country is a criminal record. When you have a history of criminal activity, no matter how small and no matter how unjust your crime may seem, it will affect you for a long time -- and depending on the nature of the crime, it could follow you around forever.

Tags: Juvenile crimes

Police need to obey the steps prior to and during DUI checkpoints

Los Banos, California may be a ways from Roseville, California, but that doesn't mean that the DUI checkpoint the town will be enduring this weekend is meaningless to residents here. DUI checkpoints are very important, and they serve a critical purpose.

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Unconventional program reduces crime rate in Richmond

The city of Richmond, California has attempted a novel, yet controversial, approach to reduce it's crime rate. Though it has been wildly successful, the nature of the idea has many questioning whether it should be allowed.

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