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June 2014 Archives

Drunk woman arrested in driveway after running over her father

Drunk driving arrests most often happen on city streets and highways where a stop is made after an officer notices something abnormal about the person driving (e.g. weaving, straddling lanes, driving too slow), or discovers something after a routine traffic stop (e.g. alcohol on the driver’s breath, glassy, bloodshot eyes). However, under California law, a driver could be arrested on suspicion of drunk driving even if he or she is in a parking lot, or in one’s driveway, as long as the offending driver is behind the wheel.

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Care center patients accuse worker of sexually abusing them

It's a bedrock principle in this country that people accused of crimes are presumed to be innocent if and until they are proven guilty. While almost everyone would agree with this sentiment, it is perhaps more palatable in theory than it is in practice. In many cases, it is true that the mere association of a person with a crime is enough to tarnish their name or their reputation.

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Juvenile crimes could be sealed if new California bill passes

Juvenile law and crimes associated with younger people can be complicated. On the one hand, teenagers and younger people who are not yet adults are more prone to making mistakes. They simply don't have the life experience, and teens often choose to do things in the heat of the moment that they not only regret later, but that don't represent them as a person. One incident becomes their defining persona, even though that moment is the outlier as opposed to the norm.

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The joking culture of celebrities about DUIs hurts everyone

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular for celebrities to poke fun or make light of their drunk driving incidents. For example, the Kardashians joked about Khloe's DUI arrest after her sister's husband was arrested for a DUI. Lindsay Lohan mocked her DUI arrest in an appearance on "Saturday Night Live." Celebrities go on talk shows and discuss this crime in such a candid and joking fashion that it normalizes the behavior. It may make people think that drunk driving is okay, even though deep down they know it's actually illegal.

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After 34 years, man out of jail due to 'shameful' police conduct

In 1979, the wife of a police officer in New Orleans was killed. The police quickly had a suspect who was convicted of the crime even though all the police and prosecutors had on him was a confession. They didn’t have the murder weapon, and the physical evidence didn't seem to correlate with the suspect.

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