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May 2014 Archives

Guessing your BAC is a game not worth playing

In our last post, we talked about cellphones being stolen, and the ability to recover them by using apps or web programs that can track your stolen phone. The amazing advancement of technology over the last 20 years gives us myriad tools at our disposal to solve problems that previously would have taken outside intervention.

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You can find your stolen cellphone -- and it could cost you

You've probably heard the phrase "do it yourself," or its acronym "DIY," before. It has become quite a popular trend, with people DIYing all sorts of things. Clothes, pottery, furniture, accessories, maintenance -- these are just a few of the many things that people are doing themselves thanks to the internet and a little creative spirit. However, you probably wouldn't expect DIY to reach the criminal justice realm.

Tags: theft

GPS used in interesting, and outrageous, way during robbery

The following story is one part bizarre and another part tragic, with a dash of outrage mixed in. A robbery suspect was recently killed by police after he was tracked down by a decoy prescription bottle. The bottle had a GPS device inside of it that allowed police to locate the suspect. The man then pulled a gun out, and the police responded with lethal force.

Tags: robbery

Could 2016 be the year the 'War on Drugs' ends?

"The War on Drugs" has been an ever-present term in the United States since the 1970s, but the point of the War on Drugs wasn't strictly applied here in the U.S. Many countries followed suit when an aggressive stance was taken against all illegal drugs, and the result have been nothing short of disastrous.

Tags: Weapons Crimes

(Not so) Shocking: Bieber in trouble with the law again

As many Sacramento residents have probably heard, there's this guy out there who goes by the name Justin Bieber -- and he's kind of a big deal. Well, at least in his own mind. But no matter what your opinion of Justin Bieber is, he is still entitled to the same rights as you when he is accused of a crime. Even if you think he has no talent, or that he disregards the law, or that he's generally irresponsible, that doesn't mean he isn't entitled to some basic criminal rights.

Tags: Drunk Driving

Plea deal spares NFL draftee of DUI charge

Many people all across California watched the NFL draft last week and over the weekend. One of the players taken in that draft is named Bradley Roby, a cornerback who worked hard over the last month to get picked in the first round. You may be asking yourself why we are talking about Bradley Roby on a criminal defense blog, and the answer is that Roby pleaded down a drunk driving charge before the draft so that he could focus on his career.

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