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Seven arrested in case involving alleged Internet crimes

Internet crimes seem to be a growing facet of criminal law in many states, including California. State lawmakers often struggle to keep up with the pace of technology, but there are laws in place regulating permissible behavior on the Internet. In recent years credit card fraud has become a big concern with the rise of online shopping, as has identity theft. But, according to a recent report, it doesn't take a computer whiz hacking a database for an investigation to result in a criminal charge.

A recent article reported the details of a case said to involve both Sacramento and Roseville residents. The case centers on the alleged use of the popular website eBay to sell stolen goods. Seven people were arrested and charged in what authorities have labeled a conspiracy.

Although the investigation in this case is ongoing, the initial reports hint that the value of the goods involved could number into the millions of dollars. Perhaps the most stunning detail, however, is that the authorities believe that this alleged conspiracy has been in operation for almost ten years. Another popular website, PayPal, was reportedly also used by the seven people arrested in the alleged conspiracy. Funds were apparently transferred from a PayPal account and converted to cash and money orders.

No criminal charge should be taken lightly, but cases involving the breadth of a conspiracy such as this, as well as the amount of money involved, tend to garner a more thorough and aggressive prosecution. As these seven individuals await their days in court, their immediate focus will likely turn to assessing the options for a criminal defense strategy that will provide the best path to a positive result.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, "Sacramento, Roseville residents accused of conspiring to sell stolen goods on eBay," Cathy Locke, April 10, 2013

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