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Arrested for a Facebook post? - Roseville man behind bars

When our Roseville readers think of "Internet crimes," they probably envision a hacker sitting on a high-tech laptop computer stealing passwords and email account information. While that may be the case sometimes, the advancement of technology is making it easier for some to find themselves facing a criminal charge for a wide variety of Internet-related use. In fact, according to a recent report, one local man has found himself involved in a criminal case for doing something millions of people do every day - making a Facebook post.

The charge would have been impossible ten years ago, before the popular website became a central part of many people's lives. But now, this Roseville man's use of Facebook has resulted in a criminal case.

The charge sounds serious too - making terrorist threats on a police officer. The case arose in the aftermath of a police shooting in which a man was killed. The dash-cam video from the police officer's car, which showed the shooting, was posted on YouTube, another popular website. Apparently in reaction to the shooting, the Roseville Facebook user posted one sentence - "50 rounds to your dome, Moody" - in reference to the name of the police officer who was responsible for the shooting. Police took this as a serious threat on the police officer's life, and the Roseville man has since been arrested.

It appears that the criminal defense strategy in this case will revolve around the freedom of speech, and an assertion that the Facebook posting was not a specific threat to actually kill the police officer.

The Internet can be a great thing, but apparently it can also cost someone their freedom. Only time will tell if the criminal defense strategy in this case is effective.

Source: News10abc, "Roseville man arraigned for Facebook post," Leigh Paynter, Jan. 12, 2013

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