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Roseville caregiver faces financial crime allegations

Some of our Roseville readers may not be aware that many state legislatures, including California's, have passed criminal laws in recent years specifically tailored to protect elderly adults. This could be because America's population continues to get older as medical advances lengthen many people's lifespans, and, as a result, our country's elderly population continues to grow. Many elderly adults require personal, in-home caregivers, and these assistants can be great in many respects. They can clean the home, assist with medical needs and do the grocery shopping. According to a recent report, one elderly member of the Roseville community had just such a caregiver, but the situation may have taken a bit of a turn.

Roseville police arrested the caregiver on October 3 under allegations that the 34-year-old woman committed credit card fraud. According to the police, an investigation began after the 69-year-old Roseville woman the caregiver worked for found unauthorized purchases on both her credit and debit cards. She alleges that the total amount was over $1,000.

As technology advances, some crimes can actually become easier. Internet crimes such as identity theft have made a lot of news in recent years. If the allegations in this case head toward a possible conviction, the 34-year-old caregiver could be looking at some very serious penalties.

Anyone who finds themselves in this type of situation should know that the prosecution will have to prove every element of each criminal charge in order to succeed. Oftentimes, with this type of financial crime, there can be many documents to look over. A good criminal defense strategy is to look over all of the documents and make sure that individual purchases were actually made by the defendant. It can be difficult to prove that one individual made purchase, especially if they were completed over the Internet.

Source: RosevillePatch, "Police Arrest In-Home Caregiver Suspected of Defrauding Client," Oct. 4, 2012

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