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Do Not Take Chances With Your Child's Future

Learning that your child has been charged with a crime is every parent's worst nightmare. You may not know what your options are or who you can turn to. At the Law Offices of Jess C. Bedore III, in Roseville, California, we have helped many families get past juvenile charges and move forward with their lives. Our goal is to preserve the futures of young people who have been caught up in the juvenile justice system.

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Consequences of a Juvenile Adjudication and How We Can Help

If a charge seems minor, it may be tempting to not hire an attorney to represent your child. However, the stakes are too high to take that chance. Attorney Jess C. Bedore III is the former supervisor of the Juvenile Unit in the District Attorney's Office, and he thoroughly understands the issues involved in juvenile law cases in order to obtain the most favorable result possible.

If your child is arrested and detained, our first goal is to have him or her released on home supervision. Then we work to have the charges dismissed or reduced. If the matter moves forward, we seek a deferred entry of judgment. This is the equivalent of a dismissal if the child fulfills certain criteria during the period after his or her court date. We can also assist in sealing the record once they have fulfilled probation so they are not required to report the matter on job applications or other requests for information.

Typical Juvenile Charges

Although juveniles can be charged with any offense, most of our cases involve theft, drug possession, DUI and underage drinking, minor in possession, battery and vandalism. In many instances, charges result from a serious lapse in judgment rather than deliberate criminal intent. We believe that kids deserve another chance and work hard to make this possible.

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